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Our Story

We started Drive Thru Prayer at the start of summer 2022 after the Lord did an incredible work in our church family in the area of prayer. Prayer went from being one ministry among many to becoming part of the very fabric of every ministry.


While our pastor Dr. Phil Calvert has had a vision for a parking lot prayer ministry for several years, it was not until this year that the Lord unleashed it's full potential by bringing together passionate ministry leaders and volunteers from across the spectrum of Trinity’s congregation. Now, every Wednesday morning we begin with prayer in the worship center at 6 a.m. and have Drive Thru Prayer in our parking lot from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.

We average 10 to 12 volunteers each week, and the requests that people stop by to ask us to pray for are urgent and immediate.


You can give someone food from your pantry, you can give someone shoes from your closet, but only God can answer prayer.


We are so blessed to meet people right where they are at and introduce them to the power of the Lord God Almighty. Through answered prayer people can meet Jesus in a way that will change their life and their eternity.

Imagine what the Lord would do if thousands of churches across the country offered Drive Thru Prayer in their local communities!


If you are a church volunteer or ministry leader and would like to learn more about Drive Thru Prayer and how you can get involved, just complete the contact form below!

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Thanks for reaching out!

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